A Healing Massage with Mayan Roots 

Abdominal Sacral Massage is a holistic therapy with roots in Mayan Massage, which incorporates a variety of body work techniques including deep tissue work and acupressure. The purpose of this gentle massage is to nourish and invigorate all tissues within the abdomen, pelvis and sacrum, with the aim to bring your body back into alignment. 


Abdominal Sacral work can benefit a range of physical complaints, such as digestive issues and imbalances in the reproductive organs, as well as emotional stresses and traumas. For example, you may find that Abdominal Sacral Massage can help with:

IBS, bloating, stomach cramps and other digestive complaints

Painful or irregular menstrual cycles

Uterine discomfort

Reproductive hormone imbalances and related symptoms

Emotional traumas or difficulties with repressed emotions

Stress, PMS or hormone-related depression


Complaints in other areas of the body can also stem from issues within the abdomen, so treating this area of the body can also improve other areas of your physical wellbeing, such as relieving back or pelvic pain.

Due to the nature of the treatment there are some conditions that may not be suited to

Abdominal Sacral Massage or there may be certain areas that should be avoided such as:

Not suitable during the first trimester of pregnancy
No massage to pelvic area 3 days before and during a bleed
No deep massage to pelvic area if client has a coil/IUD
No upper abdominal work if client has a gastric band
No sacral moves if client is attending treatment for back issues unless agreed by relevant practitioner
No sacral moves if client is pregnant


Other contraindications for massage also apply, for more information please get in touch. 

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