So much more than a facial!

Acupressure Facial Therapy is more than just a facial, it incorporates the many benefits of acupressure and massage as well as a traditional cleanse, tone and moisturise routine.

By stimulating/balancing the acupressure points that run through the head, neck and shoulders, it not only helps address localised imbalances such as migraines, sinusitis and TMJ issues but also encourage a positive change throughout the body.  

Massage techniques are incorporated to work the muscular and fascial structures allowing the muscles/fascia to relax thus reducing tightness and tension, increasing circulation and promoting collagen production, which in turn, can lead to rejuvenation of the skin.


Before your treatment we will discuss any medical and skin issues you may have and then you will be given the opportunity to choose the skincare products that I will use during your treatment.


The treatment starts with relaxing the muscles in your shoulders, neck and head before moving on to cleansing the face with a natural cleanser and warm towels.

A toner is will then be applied followed by Jojoba oil, which will assist in delivering this amazing facial routine. If required, any excess oil can be removed with toner after the treatment. 


This is a gentle yet effective treatment that can help to deeply relax the central nervous system therefore it can be very supportive for those affected by Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia,

amongst other chronic conditions.

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