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Aromareflex is a reflexology treatment incorporating the use of Aromatherapy Essential Oils that have been blended to suit your individual needs. The addition of the oils enhances the benefits of the treatment as these natural pure essential oils will support the body with physical and emotional conditions. A collection of 18 wonderful natural essential oils are available to produce blends to help address many issues including: 


Boosting Immune System

Digestive ease




Aches and Pains

Stress and Anxiety

Hormone balancing / Menstrual issues

Menopause issues

Circulation support


What to expect from your heavenly Aromareflex treatment

After your consultation, you will receive a warm foot bath while I select 3-4 essential oils specifically chosen to address your requirements. You will get the opportunity to test the aroma before they are added into my homemade foot balm.

The balm will then be massaged into your feet and legs (or hands) before the Reflexology treatment begins and I will continue to use the balm throughout the session to ensure maximum coverage. At the end of the treatment your feet will be wrapped in hotel towels.  It is recommended that you allow 8 hours before washing the balm off to allow the oils to be fully absorbed into the skin, in order to maximise the oils therapeutic healing action. Any remaining balm is yours to take home.

If preferred the Aromareflex treatment is also available without the foot bath and hot towels wraps.


The use of hot stones can be incorporated into the treatment, the heat from the stones will enhance the effects of the oils.

Matching room sprays or pulse point roller balls are available upon request at a minimal charge.

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